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Video: The future of computing
2006-02-14 15:59:17
Multi-Touch Interaction Research

MIT researcher explains how rats think
2006-02-12 15:20:20
In a key memory study, after running a maze, rats mentally replay their actions - but backward, like a film played in reverse.

Jamaica: Kids discover 'ecstasy'
2006-02-12 10:14:57
DRUG officials have detected what they see as an alarming trend in children as young as eight getting hooked on the party drug ecstasy, a powerful and dangerous narcotic popular in the United States and Europe.

Meet Matisyahu, the world's foremost Hasidic reggae star
2006-02-11 13:02:07
He's a mystic, mon.

The Bad Shaman Meets the Wayward Doc
by Erik Davis : 2006-02-10 11:58:27
Alfred Savinelli, John Halpern, and the Silo Bust

10-year-old hands out Ecstasy "candy" on bus
2006-02-10 11:07:46
A 10-year-old boy passed out Ecstasy pills to four or five students on a school bus thinking they were candy, and prosecutors want to find out where he got the drug.

2C-I Alert: DEA Warns of New Psychedelic Drug
2006-02-09 11:29:15
There's a new psychedelic drug invading local high schools that's easy to get but hard to identify. It's making its way from research labs through the Internet to kids who act as Guinea pigs by taking them.

Young Turks discover ecstasy
2006-02-08 11:57:47
Ecstasy -- which is known for inducing euphoria and energy while reducing inhibitions -- has long been part of the clubbing scene in the West but it is relatively new in Turkey.

Quebec teen dies after apparently taking ecstasy
2006-02-07 22:14:51
A 13-year-old girl who went into a coma after apparently experimenting with the drug ecstasy has died, Quebec provincial police said Tuesday.

FL: Officials warn against Sally D
2006-02-07 22:08:32
A dangerous hallucinogen is slowing creeping into northeast Florida. The innocuous looking plant is known as Salvia Divinorum to scientists. On the street, it's called Sally D.

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