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Wales: Kids playing Russian roulette with OTC hallucinogens
2006-02-05 17:35:47
IT'S a shopping basket of drugs guaranteed to shock any parent - but we've uncovered powerful hallucinogenic substances being bought OVER the counter.

Punk singer Jason Sears dies during Ibogaine detox
2006-02-04 14:17:25
Jason Sears of Santa Barbara died Tuesday in a Tijuana clinic where he was being treated with ibogaine.

Ireland: 'Magic mushroom' loophole closed
2006-02-01 11:43:46
IRELAND closed a legal loophole today that permitted the sale of hallucinogenic mushrooms

Jack Black admits taking ecstasy
2006-01-31 12:53:59
Jack black likes MDMA. And this is news?

Pot Advocate Kubby Arrested At SFO
2006-01-27 11:58:57
Medical marijuana crusader Steve Kubby was arrested Thrusday night at San Francisco International Airport as he disembarked from his flight from Canada to face a jail sentence, according to San Francisco police.

Human skull evolving much faster than previously thought
2006-01-27 00:20:40
Researchers have found that the shape of the human skull has changed significantly over the past 650 years.

BZP safety review
2006-01-26 15:53:48
Good BZP fact sheet from Scoop, including pharmacology, toxicology, and more info that you probably needed.

Utah: Only Real American Indians may use Peyote
2006-01-26 15:48:00
State legislators want to clarify exactly who qualifies as an American Indian in order to restrict the use of peyote, a cactus hallucinogen, to legitimate tribe members during traditional religious ceremonies.

Ketamine seized in UK clubs
2006-01-24 11:33:16
Anti-drugs officers in Plymouth are concerned about the recent use of the drug ketamine by clubbers.

Ketamine fact file
2006-01-24 11:29:43
The anaesthetic ketamine is growing in prevalence on the UK dance scene, recent surveys have found.

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