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Undark - em:t 3396

Josh Stewart

Smoke some herb for this one... Vague and dreamy; schizophrenic, yet somehow congruent. Slow relaxing melodies, give rise to stranger fragments of sound. Ambient textures induce relaxation while the drums sharpen the senses. Resonant frequencies echo against the inside of thought, probing and mysterious... song blooms from within song. Soft and soothing acoustic guitar becomes smooth dubby bass lines... visions of pools of water and a Goddess singing in the distance. The deeper tones push against the surface of the subconscious mind while the melodies keep the processes of linear thought at bay... Hallucinogenic beats paint landscapes, setting the stage for dramatic transformations of sound.

Undark by em:t 3396 is another experimental ambient album in the em:t series. Undark (in the case of this album) does not refer to the opposite of dark. In fact, parts of this CD seems quite panic inducing. Undark sounds like somewhere between a comfortable paradise and an infinite madness. Funkily abrasive yet full of beauty. This is totally future musique melody from the randomness of sound, structured by the order of rhythm. Rich in composition yet still appealing on subtler levels. Intelligent and yet emotional, a lulling abyss of sound which shines Undark.

Tags : psychedelic
Rating : Teen - Drugs
Posted on: 2001-03-06 00:00:00