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Drug report shakes Turkish parliament

The rapidly increasing use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs is not only a threat to public health but also to the future of Turkish society.

A Turkish parliamentary commission, charged with investigating violence at schools, has revealed shocking new information.

The average age of first timer users of tobacco products has dropped to 10, of alcoholic beverages to 11 and of drug to 12, a survey conducted by the Turkish Temperance Organization (Yesilay) reveals.

Sixteen percent of the students aged between 9 and 17 use tobacco, 11 percent drink alcohol and 2.9 percent use drugs.

Ecstasy is now sold everywhere. The use of ecstasy in Istanbul high schools has increased by 300 percent in the last three years.

The increase in the number of students who started using heroin is 100 percent.

New information was also revealed about teachers. Seventy percent of teachers in Izmir, Turkey are under threat by racketeers, usurpers and gang members.

Cases of violence and violent threats increase day by day and 72 percent of teachers say drugs are sold near schools.

The reports submitted to the commission revealed the dangers to which students are exposed.

Drug dealer have lowered their target age group and drug, tobacco and alcohol use in primary schools has increased.

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Tags : Turkish
Posted on: 2007-01-02 11:50:15