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Club music fans most likely to take drugs

Dance fans are the biggest drug takers, commit the most crimes and have the most sexual partners, according to a new survey.

Psychologist Dr Adrian North quizzed 2500 people across the UK for the study, which is about to be published in the scientific journal Psychology of Music. The survey included questions on living arrangements, political affiliation, newspaper choice, education, work and pastimes.

Fans of dance and DJ-based music came out tops in most drug categories, including use of ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, amphetamines and cannabis. The only drug category where dance was trumped was solvents.

Over one in ten hip-hop and rap fans have taken solvents.

In other findings, 12.3% of opera fans like to indulge in magic mushrooms and one in five afficionados of musicals such as Phantom of the Opera are in fact marijuana smokers.

The survey revealed that nearly one in three dance fans had more than five sexual partners during the past five years, beating out all competition. Only one country music fan could boast the same.

Dance fans have it over hip-hop fans in terms of crime with 56.9% of dance music fans and 53.1% of hip hop fans admitted to having broken the law.

Almost half of classical and opera aficionados admitted breaking driving laws.

Dance fans were also the least likely to be religious, the least likely to recycle, the least likely to favour raising taxes to improve public services, and the least likely to favour the keeping a National Health Service.

At the other end of the scale, rich people with higher university degrees are more likely to enjoy opera, jazz and classical music.

Dr. North heads the music research center at Leicester University. His research includes topics such as 'The effect of physical attractiveness on responses to pop music performers and their music' and 'The influence of in-store music on wine selection.'

To paint a more accurate picture of how musical tastes correlate with lifestyle, the University is now hoping to expand their survey on a global scale. You can participate in the survey yourself.

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Posted on: 2006-09-15 11:37:19