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Morning Glory seeds caught in anti-drug echo chamber

Since teens can't find real drugs, flower seeds are poised to become the new suburban menace.

Just read the dramatic opening of this article:

WASHINGTON – They have such whimsical names as heavenly blue, crimson rambler and pearly gates, and delicate blooms that crawl quickly up trellises.

But when morning glory seeds aren’t planted – when they are instead ingested – whimsical thoughts can crawl through altered minds with kaleidoscope-like visions.

And teenagers know this.

That seems purposely intended to agitate the mothers of Fort Wayne, Texas. Of course, this article fails to mention how lame Morning Glories are, but demonstrates that in the absence of safe hallucinogens, teens will try almost anything to get a decent trip.

A more serious call came from hospital emergency officials who needed to know how to treat an 18-year-old who had taken the seeds along with an antidepressant and cough syrup. His heart rate spiked to 150, his body went rigid and his mind reeled with hallucinations.

The patient took Morning Glory seeds with antidepressants and DXM, and they think the seeds are the problem?

Two months of weekly Morning Glory headlines and I predict states will be lining up to ban the floral menace!

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Tags : morning glory LSD LSA
Posted on: 2006-05-06 17:46:51