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So Where the Hell is Hyperspace?

James Kent

Everyone's talking about it, but how do we get there?

Hyperspace - 1.) An accelerated or excited space. 2.) Any dimension above and beyond 3-D spacetime (commonly referred to as "reality"). So when looking for hyperspace, we would be searching for any space or dimension that exists above and beyond the reality we normally perceive. Many scholars, mathematicians, and mystics have spent many lifetimes attempting to discover exactly what and where hyperspace actually is, but the main problem of hyperspace is that you can't actually see it. You can't even poke at it. No matter how fervently or convincingly you argue or attempt to prove its existence, you can never really know if it's actually there.

Okay, so maybe that's hyperbole.

The truth is, if we had enough energy (and I'm talking about a lot of energy) we could conceivably open some kind of vortex to hyperspace. However, even if we had the energy of 100 suns to dedicate to this project, all we would get is a shaky, unstable, minuscule singularity barely the width of a photon. What would we do with that? Anything that went in would probably never come out, and the area around the singularity would bend and warp and cause all kinds of messy temporal and spacial distortions. Nope, unless our current sources of generating energy improve dramatically hyperspace will remain out of our physical reach. And because our senses are wired to perceive such a narrow spectrum of reality, it would seem we are forever banished to exist solely in the hard cold world of 3-D spacetime.

However, what if there were a way to experientially reproduce the phenomenon of existing in higher dimensional states? What if instead of bending space itself we could somehow bend the perceptual boundaries that limit our view of reality? What if there was some switch we could throw to blow open our default data-gathering settings so we could start receiving information on broadband instead of narrow-spectrum? Would you want to throw that switch? Would you want to take a look into hyperspace?

Of course you would. Who wouldn't?

There are only two good reasons I can think of why somebody would shy away from the experience of having their perceptual veils lifted. The first is that they are scared of what they might find. The mere thought of having one's ontology shattered into a million pieces at the flip of the switch can be somewhat jarring, no doubt. The second reason I can think of for refusing the experience is that it may be considered a cultural taboo. Either of these cases on its own would be good enough reason to avoid such things, but when the two forces are combined — ontological uneasiness and social pressures — they spell outright fear.

So what's so scary about hyperspace? Does it pose some kind of threat to our way of life? Is it the mythical boundary between life and death? Does it cross that thin line between reality and fantasy land, sanity and insanity? Does it hold secrets that mere mortals were never meant to behold? Whatever it is, it is a force to be reckoned with, and not to be stepped into lightly.

Of the many ways people have attempted to grok hyperspace over the last few millennia, possibly the most interesting and controversial method has been the ingestion of DMT. DMT is not just another psychedelic drug to be studied and cataloged. No, it may very well be the Holy Grail to hyperspace so many have been looking for. Neurochemically speaking, DMT is like a synaptic skeleton key to hyper-consciousness. It is similar in structure to serotonin and other common neurotransmitters, and it fits in very nicely at most major receptor sites. When the neural matrix is suddenly flooded with this sublime substance, it is akin to having all of your neural switches instantaneously flipped on all at once. The effects are so dramatic that they are overwhelming, and some might even say astonishing.

When I tried DMT for the first time, it's true I was a bit startled. I was not expecting the substance of what I saw to be so real. I had the exhilarating feeling that I was fully awake for possibly the first time in my life. My eyes and ears were opened to a dimension of vision and sound that I could never have imagined existed. It was not just hallucination or simple perceptual distortion — that would have been easy to cope with. What I experienced was more like perceptual amplification and magnification, a full awakening of the senses. I could suddenly see jeweled detail and temporal depth in everything I looked at. Objects no longer held the illusion of solidity, but revealed themselves as distinct vibrational fields in constant transition through time. It was a life-changing experience, and one that has led me to remark that DMT may be "the single most exquisite substance on the entire planet."

What do I mean by that? Well, for starters, I never really comprehended just how complex and mysterious reality was until I first smoked DMT. I had received vague inklings of cosmic depth and quick glimpses into hidden forces via other transcendent experiences in my lifetime, but never had I witnessed the intricate processes which hold reality together on such a visceral level. Sub atomic, molecular, genetic, electromagnetic, and cosmic forces all became explicit before my eyes. These were no longer abstract concepts, but actual processes unfolding in real-time before my eyes. It was — how shall I say — heavy.

So with that heaviness in mind, let us step into the world of DMT and the bizarre hyperspace it evokes. These pages contain a multitude of new insights and new information into the understanding of this awe-inspiring chemical from some of today's most noted scholars. We may think that we are a fairly advanced civilization, but we are only now beginning to peel away at the thin layers of our reality. I doubt anyone is fully ready for what we will find, but I have no doubt that DMT is one of the keys to breaking through this barrier. The voyage has only but begun.

Ever onward and upward.

Tags : psychedelic
Rating : Teen - Drugs
Posted on: 2002-03-23 00:00:00