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DXM Diaries, Act Seven: Confessions of a Mortal God


In which a young explorer is consumed by the power of dex...

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From: "PB"
Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2004 7:15 PM
Subject: DXM article please read

Hello tripzine. I was looking online for a good DXM article and I came across the DXM article on oyur website consisting of 6 different acts. I was very intrigued. never before have I come across a site that just straight up blatantly discussed the supernatural aspects of DXM. I tripped DXM excessively for about a year, and my friend mike and I had experiences similar to that of Matt, the DXM guru.

We roamed tripping on Dex and gained supernatural powers and whatnot. We too thought we were charged with a sacred quest to trip Dex and spread it among the masses and develop a following to enlighten humanity. We didn't so much Have all the paranoia that is described with Matt, but I understand what Matt is talking about, when he talks about how DXM shields him from psi attacks, and all the psychic shit he talks about, and I can explain it. Unfortunately I was arrested for stealing cough medicine and I went to a adolescent substance abuse program right before I turned 18 (lucky, I would have gotten a much worse charge if it had been later) and stayed there for 5 months. While I was in the program I studied DXM excessively. Not through personal use, but I studied various metaphysical principles, and the sacred geometry, and experimented excessively with meditation-induced altered states of perception. I came to completely understand and became able to explain the nature of DXM, and the effect it has on the brain, and after much research and contemplation, understood WHY the psychic phenomena happens, and pretty much everything else about DXM.

In tripping and being in and out of the programs, I have had some insane crazy psychic adventures with a hippie/industrial friend of mine who is quite a DXM guru himself, he knows much more about it than me, and he taught me a lot of what I know through a psychic bond we developed in our tripping otgether. I would love to write an article for your magazine, and explain the true nature of DXM, and talk about my adventures, and my experiences with it. I am only 18 years old and I am not an established journalist by any means, I am a high school drop out with my GED, but I have extensive knowledge of DXM, and I would LOVE to get it out and have people read it and see what they think, and what you think, please respond soon.

Thank you very much


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From: "Trip Magazine"
To: "PB"
Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2004 10:13 AM
Subject: Re: dxm article please read

Hi Phillip, we would be very interested in your DXM article. I am partuclarly interested in how you use it and what you've figured out about it. If you have something new to say I'd love to see it.


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From: "PB"
To: "Trip Magazine"
Sent: Saturday, December 25, 2004 12:20 AM
Subject: DXM article

How to become a Mortal God

To understand the true nature of DXM, one must understand DMT (dimethyltryptamine) and the natural human sleep cycles. DMT is a chemical produced by the pineal gland, which is a small pea sized gland near the center of the brain. DMT is the chemical solely responsible for the soul leaving and entering the physical shell. DMT is also found in Ayahuasca vines, and in the secretions of some tropical toads. Terence McKenna was the first true pioneer of the DMT realm. He spoke of a realm consisting of pure knowledge, created for humans under the chemical's influence to be received in. In my experience, the DMT experience is basically existing in spirit form. The dissolution of all human ego, and the perception of multiple dimensions of reality at once.

When one is born, the brain is flooded with DMT, thus the soul enters the body through the pineal gland. When one dies, the brain is again flooded with DMT, thus the soul leaves the body through the pineal gland, and returns to the spirit realm. Another important thing you must understand is that in deep lucid states of meditation, and in one's sleep, smaller amounts of DMT are secreted into the brain, leaving an open doorway for the soul to leave the body into the spirit realm as it pleases, thus making astral projection, and psychic visions possible in meditation, and in dreams.

[editor's note: The theory that DMT is associated with the soul entering and leaving the body is discussed in detail in "DMT: The Spirit Molecule" by Rick Strassman. Since the soul cannot be objectively measured, Strassman's theory is, of course, highly speculative.]

Now DXM. DXM is a dissociative, everyone knows this. DXM happens to dissociate the brain just enough so that it thinks it is asleep. In this state, the brain shuts off all waking functions, and turns on all sleeping functions. Thus the pineal gland releases relatively small amounts of DMT into the brain. This explains the dreamlike feeling when in the DXM trance.

[editor's note: this is an oversimplification of the DXM trance. Endogenous DMT secretion under the influence of DXM has not been objectively measured.]

This also explains the common psychic phenomena that seem to randomly occur when experimenting heavily with DXM. When the third eye is pried, and held open, one cannot help but to accidentally receive psychic visions, coming true later that day, or somewhere along the line. In a DXM trance, it is possible to close one's eyes and instantly be sent to separate realms. The DXM entranced psyche's energy is so high that using the power of thought, entire realms can be "thought" into existence, instantly. You are god. You create life, and existence. At any rate, it's just as real as the world you're sitting in right now. In my experience with DXM, I have found that the higher the dose, the harder it is to remember that you are actually awake and just in a DXM trance, when you are in a lucid trance state. Many times I have closed my eyes, meditating to Nine Inch Nails, or some other industrial music to fuel my trip, and found myself lost in realms I could not comprehend, or nonsensical situations that I could not control, merely falling asleep, stuck in a lucid DXM trance state, only to wake up all ate up the next morning.

DXM makes it possible to enter a lucid state and perceive basically anything the tripper wishes. I myself had several realms I visited on a frequent basis in my trips, and entities I created and spent time with, and carried on conversations with. My experience with DXM has been to say the least incredible. It started when I met someone in my hometown who had mastered DXM tripping, and had been doing so for the past six or seven years. He had been dubbed "CCC Mike" throughout the small Florida town. He was absolutely a guru of metaphysical and spiritual knowledge attained through substance-induced altered states of consciousness. He kept to himself most of the time, but after a while it was clear to me he had chosen me to be his disciple, and he taught me everything he could. We would trip on DXM every day.

I would take on average 1.3 grams a day. I slept very little, and I ate very little, the drug took my appetite from me. We would dose in the morning and take the bus downtown where we would meet up with other dexers that mike had know from "back in the day" when the "DXM revolution" first began when I was but a wee lad in middle school. Mike's and my quest for higher knowledge was to be later known as the "Second Revolution". We would sit and meditate, and feed off of other people's energy. I quickly learned that there was something special about DXM. It wasn't so much learning things slowly, or building up knowledge as I had experienced with psilocybin mushrooms, or LSD. It was more like, "Here it is, this is the truth, do whatever you want with it". I came to understand the nature of the energy fields around me, and eventually became able to manipulate the energy.

I learned many different techniques. I learned to leech others' energy. I learned to, not so much read people's minds, but to read their energy, and pick up on their vibrations, which is basically the same thing. I developed several other strange abilities that I to this day retain, but lack understanding of. When I have déją vu, there exists a veritable time/space window through which I have a brief opportunity to look ahead and behind in time in vivid images, displayed in my third eye. I have developed an ability to superimpose my third eye over my normal visual field, making my everyday thoughts and meditations much more vivid and real. I've learned to induce most any hallucination I wish at any time I wish. I don't understand these powers, and I've only come to realize a small fraction of their potential.

I haven't found reports of anything similar anywhere. I'm sure I'm not the only one though.

DXM is so completely alien to everything and anything I have ever experienced. It is a completely different tripping. At this point in my life, I believe DXM isn't so much about knowledge as it is about power. The power to utilize the one infinite cosmic truth that we are all one, and we all consist of one energy mass, and that energy mass can be manipulated and used to our endless advantages, if learned to harness correctly.

However, I have found that there is a downside to DXM. Repeated DXM use, or heavy binging, like I was doing, quickly has an adverse effect on one's ability to feel emotions, or to associate the appropriate emotion to situations or circumstances. I found myself angry constantly. Constantly displeased with the ignorance and vanity of the human race, and Mike and I thought we were charged with a sacred quest to expose DXM and enlighten humanity to the importance of understanding spiritual principles and existing as one entity, working and moving in harmony with itself (Sound familiar? [Matt the DXM boddhisatva]). There was very much confusion, and random insanity floating around in my head, that caused me to become detached form my family and loved ones. Most of my old friends shunned me and I was popularly viewed as insane. This became quite the joke between Mike and I, both knowing full well, we were much more sane than the "normal" people who thought true knowledge came from textbooks, and teachers. I had long since dropped out of school, because I decided that school was taking up too much of my tripping time, and was thus interfering with my "real" education. The one that mattered.

In excessively whoring out DXM, I became a bitter, dark, hateful, violent wretch, bent on changing humanity for some greater good. A martyr, sacrificing my personal happiness and contentment for the power to dump ridiculous amounts of cosmic metaphysical truth into the collective consciousness on a daily basis. It wasn't about me anymore, it was about changing this shithole of a world I was forced into 18 years ago on an operation table in a hospital in New Orleans. I was horribly bitter and I wasn't going to stand for the ignorance and violence in the world.

I alienated myself by acting crazy and erratic in public places. I knew this would separate me from the ignorant sheep, and the real people who mattered, the people who understood what was really going would filter through and aid me in my quest. And I, them. I made horrific public scenes such as torturing small animals and eating lizards in front of crowds of people in heavily populated urban areas such as downtown, right in front of the movie theater, ha. I figured the crazier I could act, the better. This was a bad idea, because now that I want to actually pursue social relations, a lot of the people in my small hometown (in which everyone knows everyone else, and rumors spread like wildfire) I am still viewed by a lot of people as crazy, even though I'm off dex now.

After sprinting down my spiritual DXM path at a ridiculous rate for what seemed like eternity, but was actually only about a year, my karma caught up with me. It seemed that in tripping so much DXM for so long and cheating the cosmic system by attaining forbidden truth, and spreading it, I was doomed to horrible luck, and I was in the shit real deep. My mother put me in a rehabilitation facility for adolescents. It was a lockdown facility, and it used to be a hospital so it was relatively nice, we all had our own rooms, and our own bathrooms. I met a few kids there who were also there for tripping too much DXM, and for some reason I am proud to say that I started a DXM cult like following inside the program, and I taught them about tripping, and DXM, and everything I had come to know and experience in the past several months. Many of them understood, and we eventually started bucking the system from inside the program.

I had one friend in there who was almost finished with the program and I had him sneaking 100 CCC's for me back form his homepasses every weekend, so I could continue to trip out after lights out in the program. Before too long they caught on and searched his room and found 32 corcidins in his underwear drawer. After this, they searched every other room, and I had all mine hidden in a secret compartment in my room I had found. They didn't find mine despite all their frustration, and thorough searching. They even strip searched me, how degrading. At any rate, my shit was busted, it was all over for me and the DXM kids in the program, so we decided to split. It was popularly known that there was one door in the entire facility without a high powered magnet on it, and it was in the back of the kitchen, which is guarded by 3 large Italian cooks. I had a friend sympathetic to our cause create a diversion while we got up from our table and ran for the door in the back of the kitchen. We made it fairly easily with the help of an obscene boost of adrenaline and busted free out into the parking lot where I bumped into a woman trying to light her cigarette and I apologized as I kept running.

We ran a few blocks to my friend's house where my girlfriend came and met me and Mike was waiting. I instantly dosed on 16 c's and later took 8 more, and I tripped out all night. It was great. Until the next morning when I went to go steal more, I got caught and caught my first charge, petit theft. I was evaluated in a police station, still tripped out from the night before, and it was decided that since I had said I was not under the influence of drugs, I was insane. I spent two weeks in a mental institute, where I got to see a 12 year old crack baby bite off a large man's finger when he tried to restrain her. Crazy shit.

Anyway, after this I went home for two weeks before I had to go back to another program, this time with a court order keeping me there, or I would be on probation until I was nineteen years old. In this program, I read a lot. I read very, very, very many books on metaphysics, and I read about the flower of life, and all the sacred geometry. I experimented with natural states of altered consciousness through meditation, and lucid dreaming. This is how I came to understand the true nature of DXM, by realizing how a lucid meditative state and a DXM trance are exactly the same. I researched DMT, and sleep, and the pineal gland.

I completed this program, having tripped dex once, and was caught by my mother, and she ratted me out to the program, and I had to spend an extra two weeks there. I was released about a month ago, and since I've been out I havent used DXM once, but I'm truly afraid its only a matter of time before I am tripping dex again, spiraling back into insanity and incredible psychic power.

By writing this article, I hope to inform as many people as possible of the true incredible nature of DXM, for it is truly the most direct, and fastest route to spiritual truth, but you will run up a tab on your karma and pay dearly for it later. Just one piece of advice, make sure if you are going to get into it heavy like I was, or take it seriously and trip out hardcore on it, make sure you don't have a girlfriend, cause shes going to leave your ass. This drug is going to FUCK you up if you don't keep it in check, it will make you crazy as hell, but it wont last forever, my sanity is like almost completely restored after having gone like 6 months and only having tripped DXM about twice in the whole 6 months. Be very afraid of DXM, and treat it with so much caution, because its very dangerous, and very powerful.

[editor's note: We have already contacted this individual and advised him to lay off the DXM for a while.]


Brought to you by DXM: True Magicians Request the Best!

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Posted on: 2005-01-03 00:00:00