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DXM Diaries, Act Four

Sing a song of DXM, a pocket full of praise...

A while back we asked regular DXM users why they preferred this particular substance to any other. These are the kind of responses we got. All quotes taken are taken out of context, but remain un-edited and true to original intent.


I've walked with the DXM spirit and know that she can comfort like no other. When I found myself at the bottom of the bottle it wasn't a sad thing because I knew we would be together all day. She opens me to the unseen, passes wisdom through my head, and turns noise into poetry and magic. When I see through her eyes everything makes sense because I can accept that everything is nonsense, and that's all there is. Walk with her and you will see too. I guess that's all I had to say...

- Matty D., The Robo Messiah


...what is great about DXM is that when something comes out of your subconcious while you are on it, you are able to analyze it with normal concious thought processes too. For example, my friend and I were both on DXM and we were having a little test boxing match and we found that if we let our bodies flow w/ the DXM mode, our subconcious mind helped us to block each other's advances very well without even conciously trying to concentrate on it... Yes, I believe that DXM is truly a wonderful way to make a deep connection with your subconcious mind.

- Paul Hindt


The following are some of the qualities of my DXM experiences which make the drug desirable (for me):

  • sense of unusual clarity of thought
  • sense of unusual honesty, both with self and with others
  • sense of profound disconnection between my mind and my body
  • macroscopia/microscopia ('Alice-in-Wonderland' effects of objects, including oneself, growing and shrinking)
  • lucid recall of long-forgotten memories
  • loose (I prefer 'promiscuous') associations between thoughts, which can make for mighty interesting written material (some of it crap, but a lot of it not - just as with 'sober' thought)
  • brilliant kaleidoscopic patterning both with eyes open and eyes closed
  • altered perceptual field (objects seem to 'glow' from within themselves, etc.,)
  • profound euphoria
  • 'religious' experiences (contact with god/s, near-death experiences, etc.,)
  • feeling of complete distance between myself and the world
  • paradoxical sense of complete immersion in the world and its activities ('we're all flowers on the tree of life')
  • intuitive understanding of difficult concepts from physics and mathematics

DXM has consistently catalyzed a sense of penetration into another layer of 'reality.'

It's a lot of fun to go out to a party on lower doses and calmly observe the world pulsing with psychedelic significance as I see through all the mechanical routines that occupy social interaction.

I have taken DXM 144 times over the past 4 years, and nearly always obtained the desired effect.

DXM, is in fact, one of my favorite drugs, even though I have a *wide* variety of them at my disposal.

- Ken L.


cause I'm in no rush and I can't stand rushin
everything is slow motion like I'm trippin on tussin

- Kid Rock, Prodigal Son


I do DXM because DXM is God. Read the Bible dexed if you don't believe me. DXM's aura is like the Bible's. Very technological, but ancient technology.

Dex gives me immeasurable psychic strength. Anything becomes possible within the internal world. I never do anything stupid though, because million-year-old wizards don't ever fuck up.

I never have to worry about addiction to anything, because I can just dex and make the cravings go away. Dex is strong enough that there isn't much one can do about DXM addiction. Good thing it's so benevolent.

The aliens always give me the advice I need the most whenever I drink that much Robitussin. Also, dex gets my 'inner magician' high on cough syrup too, which means lots of coincidences. I went through periods in which I claim to work 'for ECCO', being 'guided' by my own coincidences into creating those of others.

- xganon


I take it in 300mg or so. it goes great with everything else. if you're at a club and you want to party, you can take a 1st plateau dose with X and nitrous or mix 300mg with LSD (quite a trip!). even dxm+nitrous is cool. when using it socially at a party thats definitely the way to go.

i've done it in groups of up to 12 people, the oldest bein 27 the youngest 18. i've even heard of a dxm cult but i don't get into that shit. dxm is a wonderful mind expanding love and empathy drug. it makes all of us empathetic towards each other and enhances our perception. we can do simple tests and tell what each other are thinking (as in colors) and weird shit happens so much (dxm bends the laws of probability, everyone of us agrees) that it brings the group closer together as a whole and we think with one mind. it is truly amazing.

i use it for studying sometimes (i can do complicated math in my head on it) and helps focus my attention. i can also play a mad game of ping pong or video games because 2p doses enhance my coordination and mind control.

i'm 21, and i first started in highschool. hell some of the cheerleaders would take it, its use doesnt fit some social clique that u might be thinking of stoners and the like. i know smart ppl who use it, people who own their own biz, etc... lotsa ppl like it and are doing it.

- taylor


I do believe DXM bends the laws of probability.

Seems *a lot* of people use it in magick



There is a few of us here who REALLY enjoy DXM and other dissociatives... There was a four or five week period there where I WAS doing DXM almost every second of every day. It's good that I got out of that habit (cold turkey, too btw), and I'm still able to enjoy it occationally, although I do tend to want to re-dose. I've decided to not buy powder again for this very reason -- it's way too easy to do too often...

- Bullwinkle Jones.


It was the convenience/legality that made me first try [DXM]; it is the amazing effects that make me continue to use it.

It is *definitely* an "ally" of mine.

I am not of the belief that DXM is a cure-all, but there is no doubt that the philosophical breakthroughs that I've had as a direct result of having used DXM have alleviated the existential depressions that I once suffered. personal experiences with this drug are SO positive that it almost sounds like I'm doing an add for the makers..... It sounds almost like a put on and I really don't want to be responsible for "turning people on" to DXM, since it's not for everyone by any stretch. But in my experience, my "discovery" of this drug was like a miracle.

- FreakDog


I did DXM originally because someone suggested it to me at a party once. I asked around (i didn't have the internet at the time, so i couldn't do research online like usual) and most people said it was just like getting drunk. Since I'm not much of a drinker I wanted to decline any attempt, but curiosity got the better of me so I bought some Coricidin and split the box between me and a friend. I fell in love with it after that. It was cheap. It was sold everywhere, from supermarkets to gas stations. Since there is a gas station five minutes walking away from my house I started buying one or two bottles regularly. It was the only effective psychoactive I could regularly get my hands on.



I've used DXM a lot because it was the best easy to get to drug.

- Boris G.


I can easily see through BS and around gimmicks while on DXM.

I get a really strong euphoria that other drugs just don't come near. My head is relatively clear, as far as reasoning goes, and I like that. Drugs that fog my thinking aren't for me. As soon as you go external (speaking, writing) it's a completely different story, and I find my thinking skills slowed down, but while inside it's still very clear, but different - like you're someone else viewing you, but you have access to all the inside information that you'd never tell other people. Complete objectivity. I also like the auras I get around things, objects usually have red halos, and people green or blue or purple. I find this very neat, and I want to look into it more.

- SonOfAGun


Brought to you by DXM: The Off-Label Wonder Drug!

Tags : psychedelic
Rating : Teen - Drugs
Posted on: 2004-09-09 00:00:00