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DXM Diaries, Introduction

James Kent

In which a simple request for a good DXM article curses us for years and years

Over the years, we here at have tried many times to solicit a decent article on DXM. We wanted an all-encompassing piece that could shed some new light on this most popular of over-the-counter reality benders, as well as take a look at some of the media fascination and underground hype surrounding the drug. Truly, there is no other substance more mocked and reviled than DXM, and yet it's popularity never dies and the public never tires of hearing new stories about punks on cough syrup destroying the American Dream for the rest of us regular folk...

But it's funny. Every time we tried to field a piece on DXM it turned out to be a disaster. There is something about this substance that literally turns people's head around in circles, turning any piece on DXM into one of the following categories: Boring re-hash of chemistry and history; Cautionary tale of indisposed youth gone awry; A glorifying send-up of the magic that is the DXM experience. Yawn. Who needs another one of those? And those were just the articles we GOT. Many never showed up, or our writers took several months to complete only a few lame paragraphs. And I accidentily started some kind of usenet jihad when I casually mentioned that DXM was a lame drug for stupid losers who can't find real drugs (or something equally witty) on alt.drugs.psychedelics a year or so back. And before that, one of our contributors actually WENT MISSING while working on this story. Sadly, he has not been heard from since. So now you know what kind of bullshit we stepped into when we started this fool's errand to find the DXM article to end all DXM articles. Countless hours, dollars, lives, minds, and other easily replacable resources were lost to the killer DXM article that was never actually written.

So now that we've finally killed our last writer, there is no one left to finish this piece. And for all our lost time, money, and sanity, all we have to show are a few unfinished pieces of articles, snippets of DXM wisdom packed full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. And even though the world really doesn't need another article on DXM, this stuff we have is just TOO VALUABLE to let sit on the shelf and rot, so for your sake and ours (and at the risk of pandering) we offer our own cautionary tales, glorious sendups, and boring overviews of the wonder and cultural folly that is the DXM experience, neatly packaged into one series of unfinished articles we like to call, "The DXM Diaries."

Watch this page for new material all week long, and enjoy...

  • Act One: It Finds Us
  • Act Two: My Friend Matty, The Robo Messiah
  • Act Three: A Boring Overview
  • Act Four: Sing a Song of DXM
  • Act Five: An Interview With Gravol
  • Act Six: Beyond the Valley of the Robo-Heads
  • Act Seven: Confessions of a Mortal God

    Tags : psychedelic
    Rating : Teen - Drugs
    Posted on: 2004-09-13 00:00:00