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A Rain Forest Story

DaVeed Forrest Cusack

An edited version of the amazing life story of DaVeed Forrest Cusack

Dearest hearts of light,

Born an heir to a cattle and oil barony in South Texas, I set out to traverse the difficult labyrinth of the establishment of conservative America, of the early 1970s, to be groomed as a Washington DC politician. I did my all to be the "Dutiful Establishment Son". Working as an intern for one of the more influential power brokers in our nations capital, I was privy to the back-room deal-makings of the Cabal of the major oil barons. I temporarily helped them to sale the mentality of a society that is based on petroleum industries. Gleefully we cut huge deals as we unconsciously destroyed the earths ecosystems. I was fortunate enough to sit in on the Watergate hearings, however as a result, I quickly became disillusioned by the cynical intrigue, of our countries present model of corporate controlled democracy. As a young idealist, I was repulsed by the immorality of Washington politics and the hypocrisy of their society. I decided to abandon my attempts to follow the path my blood family had set up for me, much to their dismay. I more desired to follow my hearts yearning to discover my soulful spiritual mission on earth.

I was soon attracted to studying the ancient Mayan and Incan cultures of Central and South America. I planned to take a several week pilgrimage to their sacred sites to gain deeper insights, but the night I left the country I was in a near death auto accident near Hermosillo, Mexico. I remember sitting in council with angelic beings that informed me that I had been physically shattered. I begged them to allow me to return to my mangled body so that I might realign my life to my highest spiritual purpose. I soon awoke in a peasant hospital with broken legs,a cracked coccyx and jammed vertebrae. Although I was in excruciating pain and crippled, I was inwardly ecstatic that I had been granted my physical life back. I began to be visited by mystical Mexican Curanderos who prayed over me and helped me to understand the "Ancient Ones" of their ancestral linages.

As soon as I was able, I left the hospital and crawled onto a train headed for the deep mountains of southern Mexico. I was in search of native shamanic healers, I intuitively felt could help me regain my health. I encountered Mazatec shamans who miraculously began quickly healing me. They then instructed me to go to the mystical city of Palanque to pray for further guidance. There I encountered shamanic healers that instructed me in their sacred ways of reconnecting with my ancestral lineage, which eventually led me to Lake Attitlan in the deep mountains of Guatemala, which is known as an ancient spiritual initiatory site. After apprenticing with a local herbal shaman for some time I eventually met one of my "twin flame soul mates", a woman called Shandara, a spiritual transpersonal psychologist on Sabbatical from San Francisco.

After an intense courtship we married and began an adventure that would shape my future and claim her life. We headed south to research the ancient Incans of the Andean mountains. We hitch-hiked through war torn Central America, escaping many attempts on our lives, holding on to the dream of establishing a holistic rejuvenation community, deep in the tropical mountains. After being tortured and beaten nearly to death several times, by both the police and military as well as anarchistic revolutionaries, we eventually headed towards a valley deep in the southwestern Colombian mountains, where we'd been told there was virgin forest beyond the craziness of modern man. The valley we soon discovered was an incredible peaceful paradise when we arrived. We quickly began our first attempts at tropical homesteading.

Shortly afterwards this awesome beauty was eclipsed by the arrival of one of the most fearsome revolutionary groups in the modern world, known as "La FARC", {The Revolutionary Forces of Colombia, as it is known in English}. They destroyed our newly planted gardens and threatened to kill us, accusing us of being CIA spies, forcing us to flee into the deep jungles for our survival. Less than a year later, my beloved wife, Shandara, passed on to the other side, suffering physically from elephantiasis and malaria, both the results of starvation and deprivation. I was on my deathbed with these diseases, as well as hook worm and yellow fever for over two years.

Miraculously, jungle shamans appeared out of the forest, to heal me with their mysterious ancient herbal preparations, that kept me from being consumed by these normally deadly parasitic diseases. Afterwards, for the next seven years, I explored the last of these magnificent Columbian rainforests, learning how to survive from the deep jungle shamans. I learned from them how to tune into the invisible voices of the supernatural world including the realm of the plants and animals. I became an expert at mixing herbs synergistically including the vines,roots,barks,leaves,flowers and fruits of the virgin forest. For many months at a time I would be alone struggling to overcome the threats of loneliness, starvation, poisonous snakes, killer cats and every type of tropical insect based pestilence imaginable.

In 1987 my youngest brother Patrick, began searching for me. He contacted the American embassy in Bogota, who were able to locate the only Colombian family that knew I was still alive. Through much heart felt negotiations, I eventually was able to arrange to be smuggled back out to the civilized world, with the help of certain members of La FARC, who'd become disillusioned with the escalating violence that was engulfing Colombia.

When I emerged from the deep forest in 1988, I was a completely different person. Ancient Incan teachings and surviving the deep jungles have made me into a real life "Curandero del Corazon". Though my reentry into modern civilization has been a major culture shock, I am enthusiastic about sharing the wealth of healing knowledge I've acquired. With my beloved friends, we have now set up "The Wellness Crusade," which is an international company that teaches people how to be eternally young at any age. With many of these same friends, we are presently setting up an International rejuvenation City in La Paz, Mexico, (for info go to Google search engine and type in, rainbow gathering Mexico, for web links), where we will teach people from all over the world in holistic healing lifestyles for plants, animals and humans. I invite you all to become a part of this endeavor in whatever way you feel inspired. Please share this message with any and all you feel will appreciate what we are doing to help bring peace on earth, here and now!

From a shamanic perspective moving into the Millennium is really a major historic earth event. This next cycle of growth for humanity will be one of the most powerful cycles that's ever been on this planet. I am so grateful to be here helping other souls overcome their challenges and reconnecting with their "Divine Nature." I would really love to invite you all to explore at a deeper level the implications of doing a community endeavor together, that will finally bring the voice of the deep forest people, of bliss and ecstasy, to the industrialized part of humanity. Through film, music, dance, and the Sacred Arts we can heal the sad wounds of humanity, now and forever more. I look forward to conversing ASAP!

With warmest Aloha,

DaVeed Forrest Cusack

Tags : psychedelic
Rating : Teen - Drugs
Posted on: 2004-02-27 00:00:00