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Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole

Carlos Walker

Music review

Title: Dig Your Own Hole
Band: Chemical Bros
Label: Astralwerks

O.K., so now even your Mom likes the Chemical Brahs. Just cause stinky ass, guitar lovin, 60's relic, trendoid, bandwagon, "really we've always liked electronic/dance/samplin' music we just couldn't be bothered to write about/review any of it til the Billboard folks said it was alright," shitty excuse for toilet paper magazines, have proclaimed them THE NEXT BIG THING, doesn't mean you can't enjoy them. All you need is condescension! Here's everything you need to know to put every one else to shame when discussing Los Bros Chemicales!!! Any one of these will make Mom go back to Joan Baez!

  • Say you liked the first album better, cause all the songs were blended.
  • Remark how well suited Keith Murrays rhymes are to the Brothers' sound scape.
  • Talk about how refreshing it is that they are so in touch with their old school rap roots.
  • Refer to them as the Dust Brothers, UK, insist that they should have kept the name despite the lawsuits.
  • Declare that the irritatingly omnipresent Setting Sun, is better without that annoying Noel Gallagher from Oasis, and that even Bono could (and will probably try to) have done his job.
  • Say that this album has their weakest song, piku, because the opening part keeps reminding you of Neutron Dance.
  • Tell people you had a bootleg of them spinning at a UK club from five years ago, but the tape warped.
point out how the Chems have solved the inherent un-danceability of jungle by the clever use of fades to complicate the beats. Still, Dig Your Own Hole is an intoxicating concoction in the musical lab, and these kids still rock the table of elements, babe. Tell Mom I want my cd back or I'll bust her in the snot box.

Tags : psychedelic
Rating : Teen - Drugs
Posted on: 2001-03-05 00:00:00