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Medical Uses of Psychedelic Mushrooms Explored
2006-11-20 12:28:11
Researchers at UCLA and other schools are studying hallucinogenic mushrooms to determine if they have legitimate medical uses in fighting depression and physical pain

LSD Purity, by Earth & Fire Erowid
2006-11-16 12:22:13
A thirty-year old vial of Sandoz LSD provides an opportunity to study LSD purity, potency, and degradation

Canada-based gangs dominate U.S. ecstasy trade
2006-11-16 12:14:22
Canada-based gangs are taking control of the production and distribution of the drug ecstasy in the United States, according to a U.S. government report.

Painkiller found in human saliva
2006-11-16 12:09:35
Saliva from humans has yielded a natural painkiller up to six times more powerful than morphine, researchers say.

ScienceDaily: How The Brain Weaves A Memory
2006-11-14 12:09:47
New research indicates the intraparietal sulcus in perceptual binding of multiple features of stimuli into memory

Did Life Begin In Space?
2006-11-14 12:04:36
Interstellar organic molecules suggest that Earth may have been seeded by the cosmos.

Taking LSD at four 'freed' Courtney Love's mind!
2006-11-02 11:15:03
Love, the former leader of the band Hole and widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain confess that having acid at such a young age had 'freed' her mind.

The Dog Who Loved to Suck on Toads
2006-10-25 11:57:44
The story of one dog's addiction to hallucinogenic toads, and the family who loved her

Ecstasy shows promise as healer
2006-10-24 21:30:21
MDMA, a popular club drug, may restore Parkinson's-related neural damage

Al Qaeda Suspect: U.S. Government Gave Me LSD
2006-10-11 11:24:05
Lawyers for Jose Padilla claim their client was given a powerful psychedelic 'truth serum' during interrogation

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