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NZ considers ban on BZP
2006-12-13 11:26:41
Medical experts want tough restrictions or an outright ban on party pills, as the Government gets set to make a decision on their future.

Utah: Mooney's peyote lawsuit dismissed
2006-12-13 11:22:47
Utah court rebuffs leader of peyote church in religious freedom counter-suit against federal government

Psilocybin investigated as OCD cure
2006-12-11 11:22:29
Researcher finds active ingredient in magic mushrooms to be helpful in treating OCD

Robotripping Grows in 9-17 Age Group
2006-12-06 11:21:15
ABC News story exposes startling DXM abuse among tween demographic

Controlling confusion: Researchers make insight into memory, forgetting
2006-12-05 16:25:11
Why do we forget? Do memories decay on their own, or are they harmed by interference from similar memories? Using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), brain researchers may have found the answer

Ketamine used to treat encephalitis
2006-12-05 12:44:12
When Kate Weston's brain was attacked by a deadly virus, her family were told to expect the worst. But then doctors tried a radical treatment: Special K

Asia sees rise of meth megalabs
2006-12-03 12:47:11
As controls on ingredients improve the outlook in the U.S. and Mexico, cartels in Asia pose risks to North America

Marijuana may affect neuron firing
2006-11-30 14:23:08
The new-found effect of THC at hippocampal sites may point to underlying cause of marijuana's memory impairment

Duke drug culture examined
2006-11-30 14:20:50
Interesting article taking an honest look at undergrad drug culture at Duke University

Utah lawmaker moves to ban salvia
2006-11-29 11:55:26
TV news scare report on Salvia divinorum prompts lawmaker to act

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