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US Marshall slipped LSD by CIA, robs bar (1957)
2005-07-06 22:23:11
A lawsuit filed by a former U.S. marshal who claimed the CIA slipped LSD into his drink in 1957, causing him to act irrationally and rob a bar, has been dismissed by a federal judge.

Research chemical suppliers face potential life sentences
2005-07-06 12:35:25
Suppliers of designer psychedelic drugs who sold their wares on the internet face potential life terms in prison as their cases come up for sentencing this month.

China's drug counterculture surging
2005-07-05 12:46:13
Chinese leaders stunned the world last week with an uncharacteristic disclosure that the country was losing its People's War on Drugs, conceding it had failed to control smuggling or reduce the rampant recreational use of narcotics...

DMT safety precautions
2005-07-01 13:42:40
What not to do while under the influence...

Nobel Prize genius Crick was high on LSD
2005-07-01 13:39:06
FRANCIS CRICK, the Nobel Prize-winning father of modern genetics, was under the influence of LSD when he first deduced thedouble-helix structure of DNA nearly 50 years ago.

Parkinson's drug prompts brain cell growth
2005-07-01 13:18:10
A drug that relieves the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease – but was controversially withdrawn over toxicity fears – has now been shown to stimulate growth of the nerve fibres damaged by the disease.

The art of subatomic particles
2005-06-30 19:10:02
Quarks, photons, gluons—physicists understand their characteristics, but didn't know what they may look like. That is until Jan-Henrik Andersen translated the physical properties of subatomic particles to images on paper and canvas.

Psychedelic art, posters, stickers, and more, at Downing Creek Studio
2005-06-30 13:02:28
Check out the great psychedelic rock posters from Downing Creek. Collectors items, limited runs, eye-popping art, and more...

New Cornell study suggests that mental processing is continuous, not like a computer
2005-06-29 21:35:54
The theory that the mind works like a computer, in a series of distinct stages, was an important steppingstone in cognitive science, but a new study shows the mind processes information not in 1s and 0s, but cascading through shades of grey.

Magic Mushrooms in the UK: Going, going...
2005-06-25 01:18:20
Bad news for psychedelic fungi fans. There are just 24 more shopping days before magic mushrooms are declared illegal - and that's official.

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