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Brazillian Orkut drug ring busted, makes headlines
2005-07-22 01:10:38
Google technology is at the heart of global narcotics operations once again.

Lolli-pops and pill-poppers
2005-07-19 13:05:43
A first-hand peek inside Australia's booming ecstasy underground...

Psychedelic drug, LSD-25, likely to be legalized in Russian medicine
2005-07-19 12:25:48
A special initiative group of scientists is establishing the Russian Psychedelic Society. The new organization has a goal to legalize the use of psychoactive drugs in official medicine, including the mysterious lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD-25.

UK's love affair with mushrooms...
2005-07-18 12:30:43
Another sympathetic story about the UK's recent re-scheduling of magic mushrooms.

Australian authorities warn fake MDMA is a "Russian roulette" of poison pills...
2005-07-18 12:25:54
TENS of thousands of young Victorians are gambling with their lives on deadly cocktails of chemicals sold as ecstasy.

Magic mushrooms now schedule I in UK
2005-07-18 03:03:23
The trip is over for magic mushrooms.

The Cockettes: Acid-tripping hippy drag queens from the sixties
2005-07-18 02:47:49
And you thought you were hardcore? Try again...

UK infested with DIY ravers, again.
2005-07-16 01:00:04
Rural dwellers rue return of the ravers. High club prices and contempt for star DJs bring new era of free parties.

FDA approves electronic brain stimulator to treat depression
2005-07-16 00:49:06
The government on Friday approved a new therapy for the severely depressed who have run out of treatment options: a pacemaker-like implant that sends tiny electric shocks to the brain.

Brussels: Wallonia calls for ecstasy purity tests
2005-07-15 13:46:50
The Wallonian government and Federal Health Minister Rudy Demotte are in favour of allowing drug users test the purity of their ecstasy pills at music festivals and nightclubs.

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