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10 years after his death, Jerry Garcia still matters...
2005-08-09 12:26:36
From the time he first stepped on stage with the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, dubbed "Captain Trips" by his following, exhibited the kind of charisma that would make him a revered cultural figure.

South Carolina seeks to control Salvia
2005-08-09 12:20:54
Myrtle Beach, S.C., officials are seeking a statewide ban on a type of salvia plant whose leaf extract gives users a psychotropic high.

Sequence your genome for $1000 a pop?
2005-08-07 20:54:50
Want your own personal genome sequenced? Researchers said they had found a faster and cheaper way to do it...

Highs and Lows of TV's Drug History
2005-08-05 19:09:45
To celebrate the premier of Showtime's new series Weeds, about a suburban mom who makes ends meet by dealing marijuana (premiers Sun, August 7th), Entertainment Weekly has compiled a list of some famous TV drug references.

Italy's Po River tests positive for cocaine
2005-08-05 15:54:28
Italian scientists discovered that nearly 10 pounds of cocaine residues flow into Italy's Po River every day.

Al Franken to UN: 'Drop Acid in Space'
2005-08-05 00:00:00
Air America talk show host recommends space shuttle flights and LSD for world leaders

Sydney ecstacy dealers slapped with price-fixing lawsuit
2005-08-04 15:48:13
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has initiated court proceedings against 9 Sydney ecstasy dealers cited for price-fixing and illegal market-sharing arrangements...

Cancer fighting nanotech ready for prime time
2005-08-03 16:50:22
Nanotechnology has been harnessed to kill cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.

Say hello to the world's first cloned dog. No kidding.
2005-08-03 16:48:12
The world’s first cloned dog has been revealed by researchers. South Korea’s “king of cloning”, Woo Suk Hwang has successfully cloned an Afghan hound.

My Life as a Drug Dealer
2005-08-03 12:16:18
A former meth seller discusses how he got into the business—and why he doesn’t think we can win the war against it.

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