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Dopamine and glutamate model of schizophrenia reconciled
2005-09-13 12:42:42
Yale School of Medicine researchers published a report this month in the Archives of General Psychiatry that highlights the interplay of two brain signaling systems, glutamate and dopamine, in psychosis and cognitive function.

Cheap MDMA becomes head candy for kids
2005-09-11 21:18:56
Children as young as 10 are buying "sweeties," cheap Ecstasy tablets, with pocket money.

Hunter's last words
by Independent UK : 2005-09-09 12:41:58
Rolling Stone, the magazine that was home for years to Hunter S. Thompson, w503

The evolving brain
2005-09-08 21:24:58
Two genes involved in determining the size of the human brain have undergone substantial evolution in the last 60,000 years, researchers say, suggesting that the brain is still undergoing rapid evolution.

Cocaine street price drives public perception
2005-09-08 15:58:06
A NARCOTICS expert has warned that tumbling prices have contributed to making cocaine acceptable to the majority of today's drug users, leaving only heroin and crack as the two "taboos".

Ketamine Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Now Available at Eleusis
2005-09-07 13:19:11
Eleusis, an alternative alcohol and drug addiction treatment facility now open in the Tampa Bay area, is the only medically supervised addiction medicine facility offering Ketamine Psychedelic Psychotherapy (KPP).

Study: MDMA may suppress immune system response
2005-09-07 13:16:20
Users of the drug ecstasy, popular with nightclubbers, face an increased risk of catching infectious diseases because the substance suppresses the body's immune system, a science conference in Ireland was told Wednesday.

The rise of "techno smack"
2005-09-06 19:03:51
KETAMINE, best known as a horse tranquilliser, is rapidly gaining popularity on Britain's drugs scene, a survey claimed today.

Hallucinogenic cane toads unable to resist disco lights
2005-09-04 17:08:00
Researchers looking for ways to eradicate the toxic toads, introduced from Hawaii in 1935 and now an environmental menace, have found a way to trap them using ultra-violet "disco" lights.

Federal Lawsuit Filed In Utah Rave Raid
2005-09-03 14:13:27
A Utah County ordinance used as justification for shutting down an all-night rave party in Spanish Fork Canyon is being challenged in a federal lawsuit.

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