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UK: Salvia Under Fire
2005-10-22 02:11:09
Mr John Mann put forward an Early Day Motion last Friday calling for the banning of Salvia, which the Worksop Guardian revealed last week was on sale in Worksop's town centre.

Marijuana might cause new cell growth in the brain
2005-10-14 16:10:07
A synthetic chemical similar to the active ingredient in marijuana makes new cells grow in rat brains, and appears to reduce anxiety and depression, suggesting that marijuana could actually be good for the brain.

Absinthe finds new popularity in EU
2005-10-11 13:09:50
Absinthe was banned for most of the 20th century on concern it caused hallucinations. Since the Swiss made absinthe production legal in March, the firm Blackmint has sold 80,000 bottles, twice its target for the year.

India: Rave parties plague Bangalore
2005-10-07 12:38:50
Highly charged, all-night private parties at cellars, select clubs and resorts on the outskirts -- called rave parties -- are happening in Bangalore.

Saudi Arabia: Ketamine sold over the counter in pharmacies
by Bloomberg : 2005-10-07 12:36:34
In Saudi Arabia, Ketamine sales are not regulated as it has not yet been recogniz517

Sweden: Police hunt online drug dealers
2005-09-28 15:53:10
In Sweden, Ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamines are big sellers online. New police methods and drug tracking on the internet have led some 40 people to be arrested in the last 12 months.

China declares war on club drugs
2005-09-22 12:14:02
A "people's war" on narcotics in China has turned into a campaign against designer drugs after police found a surge in usage of ecstasy, ketamine and methamphetamine, or ice, among urban professionals.

Taking drugs on live TV
2005-09-22 12:09:28
A new Dutch TV show will feature episodes where the host takes heroin, LSD, and other drugs live on the air.

World's smallest robot ready for prime time
2005-09-14 13:05:52
Dartmouth researchers have contributed to the miniaturizing trend by creating the world's smallest untethered, controllable robot.

President Clinton stonewalled on UFO investigation
2005-09-14 12:40:36
Clips from recent interview show that, while he was president of the US, Bill Clinton tried to get to the bottom of the Roswell and Area-51 mysteries, but was shut down by career spooks and beurocrats.

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