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Hallucinogens have a small but loyal following
2006-01-23 11:26:18
When looking at the illegal drug culture of Athens, one can look deeper at the population to find a subculture of people who look for drugs to possibly do more than make them high for a few hours.

Marijuana activist Steve Kubby may be deported to U.S.
2006-01-21 18:29:59
Medical marijuana activist Steve Kubby, his wife, Michele, and their two young daughters may be deported to the United States within days after a Federal Court of Canada judge turned down their request for an emergency stay of a removal order.

FL Angel's Trumpet Overdose
2006-01-20 15:29:22
Report of a local non-fatal overdose on the hallucinogenic tropane-containing Angel's Trumpet (Jimson Weed, Belladonna, Datura, etc.)

UK: Will Clarke go soft on LSD and Ecstasy?
2006-01-20 15:20:46
Home Secretary Charles Clarke has ordered a sweeping review of drug laws which could lead to the effective downgrading of Ecstasy and LSD.

Putting the 'high' in high school
2006-01-19 21:25:41
Despite efforts, students still smoke pot, drink and take Ecstasy.

AU: Party drugs fuel death rise
2006-01-19 11:57:44
HUNDREDS of deaths have been linked to a boom in ecstasy, amphetamine and cocaine use across Australia.

Utah House Committee Approves Peyote Bill
2006-01-19 11:51:55
A bill currently before the House would clarify who qualifies as an American Indian for the purpose of using peyote in traditional religious ceremonies.

Mellow Mushroom: Pizza for Shroom Lovers
2006-01-18 11:02:39
Atlanta pizza chain embraces the fun side of mushroom lore.

LSD: The Geek's Wonder Drug?
2006-01-16 16:42:28
Wired takes a look at LSDs use as intellectual aid for techie types, and gives a wrap up of the 'Problem Child' symposium in Basel.

Editorial: A psychedelic anniversary
2006-01-15 12:23:02
Another pro-LSD restrospective (one of hundreds printed this week) in honor of Hofmann's 100th birhtday.

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