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UK: Warning about Baby Woodrose and legal party pills
2006-06-06 11:20:47
Pills made from plant extracts and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds are sold in stores and clubs for a legal LSD-like high

Cocaine culture hits Indian cities
2006-06-03 19:23:13
Coke is sniffed and snorted at private parties virtually every night in Mumbai and New Delhi. Most cocaine peddlers have their base in both these cities, said a senior official in the Delhi Police

Salvia Under Siege
2006-06-02 12:04:43
Movement to Ban Herbal Hallucinogen Gains Momentum in Statehouses

30 slingers nabbed at Summer Camp music festival
2006-06-01 20:21:57
Agents arrested 30 people, seized $13,413, and recovered 2,373 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, 91 hits of LSD, 394 grams of marijuana and smaller amounts of heroin, cocaine, Ecstasy and ketamine.

Malaysia mulls glue control
2006-06-01 20:16:08
The Malaysia government is considering legislation to make glue-sniffing a crime.

Contemporary Psychedelia: From Transcendence to Immanence
2006-06-01 20:08:14
What is loosely termed 'psychedelic music' has lately undergone a resurgence. Read about it all at

Oakland DOC cocktail warning
2006-05-31 13:35:02
Add a powerful new street drug called DOC to the list of dangerous cocktails that suburban young people in Oakland County are experimenting with. It's touted as providing a 24-hour psychedelic high from the combination of hallucinogens and amphetamines.

Men: Drinking every day keeps heart disease away
2006-05-26 11:32:25
Drinking alcohol every day cuts the risk of heart disease by 41 percent among men, but women who indulge less frequently enjoy the same benefits, according to a study published Friday in the British Medical Journal.

IL: New law prohibits sale of medicines with DXM
2006-05-26 11:15:04
ILLINOIS -- A new law that takes effect Thursday prohibits the sale, delivery, or possession of over-the-counter products that contain Dextromethorphan or DXM.

Study Finds No Link between Marijuana and Lung Cancer
2006-05-25 11:38:56
The smoke from burning marijuana leaves contains several known carcinogens, yet scientists were surprised when they found no increase in the risk of developing lung cancer for marijuana smokers.

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