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James Ryman - Demon Hunters
2001-01-30 16:20:23
A psychedelic fantasy from James Ryman, now available on high quality blotter.

Jason Cooper - Blotterhead
2001-01-30 16:20:23
A vedic vision of psychedelic surreality from Jason Cooper, now available on blotter.

Mark Henson - Leap of Faith
2001-01-30 16:20:23
A psychedelic journey through the mind's eye from Mark Henson, now on blotter.

Mark McCloud - New Shoes
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Surreal and disturbing blotter imagery from Mark McCloud.

Naoto Hattori - Tripping
2001-01-30 16:20:23
A ghastly masterpiece from the master of modern surrealism, Naoto Hattori.

Rev Samuel - Jesus
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Jesus on blotter, what could be more appropriate? From Rev Samuel.

Rev Samuel - Kali
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Kali on blotter, from Rev Samuel

Rev Samuel - Ganesh
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Ganesh on blotter, from Rev Samuel

Rev Samuel - Patriots Against Prohibition
2001-01-30 16:20:23
It is your civic duty to oppose prohibition, buy blotter from Rev Samuel.

Steve Postman - Muladhara
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Total immersion in the fire of psychedelic insight, from Steve Postman.

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