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Alien Dreamtime
2001-01-30 16:20:23
A stunning multimedia performance from a two-day rave celebrating Terence McKenna's ethnobotanical theories, now on DVD.

Strange Attractor - New Price!
2001-01-30 16:20:23
A multi-media psychedelic digital dream experience from Rose X, featuring Terence McKenna.

Light Reading For The End Of The World
2001-01-30 16:20:23
The first ever print compendium by Trip Editor in Chief, Scott O. Moore. This stunningly bizarre, intensely hilarious collection is presented as a fund-raiser for The Vaults of Erowid.

Strange Attractor / Alien Dreamtime Combo Pack
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Save $10 when you purchase these two DVDs together!

Journey Through the Spheres: A Tribute to Terence McKenna
2001-01-30 16:20:23
A loving tribute to the life and work of Terence McKenna. All proceeds dedicated to Terence's estate.

2001-01-30 16:20:23
Psychedelic world music from underground L.A. artist Pablo.

Alex Grey - Deities and Demons
2001-01-30 16:20:23
One of Alex Grey's most impressive pieces, now available on high quality blotter.

Alex Grey - Adam & Eve
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Alex Grey's detailed rendering of man's encounter with the Tree of Knowledge now available on blotter.

Darcy J Watt - II
2001-01-30 16:20:23
A full-blown twin nightmare from Darcy J. Watt revealed on high quality blotter.

EMEK - How Ta Turn A Womun Inta An Lectric Geetar
2001-01-30 16:20:23
A truly surreal rendering of ghastly proportions from EMEK, now available on blotter.

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